Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca Walking holiday. The Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca is a varied walk, through an original and little known Tuscany. You will depart from Pontremoli, in the heart of the Lunigiana, the land of the Moon, home of the “stele statues”, a very green land dotted with fine castles, before descending to the sea in Versilia. Here you will experience the excitement of walking for hours along the sandy beach, and during the summer you will be able to take a lovely bathe or stop to enjoy the sunshine, before continuing towards the hills of the interior. You will be able to visit the artists’ workshops Pietrasanta, the Italian Athens, resting at the foot of the Apuan Alps. Here the most famous marble in the world is extracted, and finally you will reach Lucca, which guards within its renaissance walls one of the largest and most fascinating old town centres of Tuscany.

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca Highlights

  • Surround yourselves in the mystery of the Stele Statues, visiting Pontremoli museum
  • Get excited by a glimpse of the sea from the hills above Sarzana
  • Walk along the water’s edge on the beaches of VersiliaAdmire the town of Lucca walking along its walls
  • Observe the labyrinth on the facade of the Duomo of Lucca

At the beginning of the second millennium, a huge number of pilgrims began crossing through Europe in search of the lost “Celestial Land”, the “Patria Celeste”.

The pilgrims travelled to three major destinations: Rome, the city of the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul (the founders of the Christian Church).

The Holy Land, site of Calvary, where the pilgrims sought out the places of Christ’s Passion; Santiago de Compostela, the furthest point of Western Europe which the Holy Apostle James chose as his final resting place.

The way to Rome, Via Francigena (or Via Romea) which led to the Eternal City from the Western Alps and the Rhineland, was used for 7 centuries by sovereigns, emperors, plebeians and clergymen and was probably the most important road of the times. The Via Francigena led all the way from Canterbury to Rome and was one of the pathways of European history. It was a main thoroughfare along which hundreds of thousands of pilgrims passed on their way to Rome.

In those days, the journey was not just an adventure or a risk but an act of devotion in itself, and the pilgrims would stop off along the way at places deemed holy by the Church.

Nowadays, we are able to reconstruct the itinerary thanks to a document left behind by Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury, who, upon his return from Rome to his dioceses in 994, wrote down the names of the places that had formed the stages of his journey home.

It is only natural that one thousand years later, on the eve of a new millennium, there should be a reawakening of interest in the old route and a desire to rediscover a road that once represented unity and communication between the different cultures and ideas of European nations which are once again opening their borders.

The Via Francigena bears witness to how even then there was a desire for unity in Europe.

The route cut through the Alps in the Valley of Aosta and proceeded southwards through Piedmont, Lombardy, the flatlands of the River Po (Padania), before going through the Apennines near Berceto to pass into Tuscany and Latium, and ends in Rome.

This “way to Rome” is an essential and formative phenomenon in the history of Europe. Fragments and reminders of its existence are still to be found scattered throughout our area.


Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca Overview

Holiday TypeSelf guided walking
Duration8 days 7 nights
SeasonApril to October

What we do

We put together the trip for you: reserve the hotels, transfer the luggage and organise your transfers to the start of your itineraries. Each tour includes a complete Road book with detailed itineraries, information for visits along the way, a detailed map and total peace of mind with our 24-hour local support.

We work with local operators through-out each destination that are passionate about their regions.

We can tailor make this tour, if you want to add an extra rest day, spend a few days relaxing before or after the trip just let us know and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca Itinerary

DayItinerary Ovenight Km Hours
1Arrive in PontremoliPontremoli--
2Walk from Pontremoli to FilettoFiletto176
3Walk from Filetto to AullaAulla15.55
4Walk from Aulla to SarzanaSarzana175
5Walk from Sarzana to MassaMassa18/276
6Walk from Massa to CamaioreCamaiore20/256
7Walk from Camaiore to LuccaLucca23/257

Day 1 – Arrival in Pontremoli  Pontremoli on BB basis
Pontremoli is a jewel in the heart of the Lunigiana. You will be able to get lost among its sandstone tower-houses, admire stone warriors and goddesses in the museum of the stele statues; if you like reading, the town of travelling booksellers will offer you places where there is a free exchange of books and benches decorated with literary quotations. And to enjoy the journey from day one, try a very thick slice of herb pie.

Day 2 – From Pontremoli to Filetto  Filetto on BB basis

During the first day of your journey you will be surrounded by a splendid area which alternates very green countryside with little medieval villages. Here you can admire the tower-houses of Ponticello, the ancient hospice of San Jacopo at Filattiera, and above all the ancient Pieve di Sorano, which has been home for centuries to the stele statues of Celtic warriors. Villafranca is a very beautiful medieval village: you can climb the hill up to the walled village of Malgrate, with its castle, or through the trees look at the ruins of the old castle of Malnido, residence of the Malaspina family. And just before you arrive, here is another surprise: the via Francigena meets the castle of Filetto.

Day 3 – From Filetto to Aulla  Aulla on BB basis
From Villafranca you will continue towards Aulla, crossing a thick forest and walking along sections of an ancient Roman road, towards Terrarossa castle. The last section of the route is over the tracks of the old railway, intelligently transformed into a cycle path. If you are keen on ancient history, you will appreciate the muse of the Abbey of San Caprasio, which contains archaeological finds from the medieval period. Do not miss a walk along the ancient walls of the Fortezza della Brunella, pretending to be medieval sentries, before taking a walk through the old town centre. And if you are hungry, there is nothing better than the tasty little local focaccias, to be enjoyed still hot accompanied by charcuterie and cheeses.

Day 4 – From Aulla to Sarzana  Sarzana on BB basis
From Aulla you will travel along the first section of the journey over demanding but gratifying paths: from here you will glimpse the sea for the first time. Along the road you will pass through very green countryside and medieval villages. You can visit the ruins of the castle of la Brina, reconstructing with your imagination its impressive walls, while at Sarzana you will be amazed by the Baroque interior of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and you will admire the Gothic facade of the Pieve di Sant’Andrea, the oldest building in the town. You will get lost in the old town centre among the alleyways that open into large squares, where you can stop for a typical dinner: discover the taste of the “torta scema”, and get one of the locals to explain the meaning of its name!

Day 5 – From Sarzana to Massa  Massa on BB basis
Today your journey will be along flat paths, following in the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims who from the Roman port of Luni used to embark towards Santiago de Compostela. Do not miss a visit of the archaeological area, with the ancient amphitheatre and the museum which is home to a splendid mosaic dedicated to the God Neptune. Along paths that give you views of the sea and the Apuan Alps you will finally arrive at Massa.

Day 6 – From Massa to Camaiore  Camaiore on BB basis
Today Pietrasanta awaits you, with its splendid old town centre. Before browsing among its art galleries and shops we recommend a visit of the town’s Duomo, to walk among its marble columns and to admire its frescoed vaults. Finally you will arrive in Camaiore, with its old town centre and ancient Badia di San Pietro, and a rice-based chocolate cake that will reward you for the efforts of the day.

Day 7 – From Camaiore to Lucca  Lucca on BB basis
From Camaiore you will continue up and down among the hills of Lucca, before descending to the valley of the Contesola torrent and crossing the river Serchio. So, you will arrive in Lucca, the end of your journey; enter through the walls and surround yourselves in its old town centre, where many attractions await you. You will be able to admire the decorated façade of San Frediano, browse in the little shops of the circular piazza to buy spelt and local biscuits to take home with you, conquer the Guinigi tower and admire the town from up high in its hanging garden.

Day 8 – Arrivederci Lucca!
Last day is included. Service ends after breakfast.

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca Dates & Prices

Season Dates Room Price
A 01/04/2019-24/04/2019 D2 double room€649
A01/04/2019-24/04/2019 S1 solo single room€1034
A 01/04/2019-24/04/2019 S2 party single room€815
A 0/04/2019-24/04/2019T2 twin room€649
A 01/04/2019-24/04/2019 T3 triple room€509
B 25/04/2019-26/06/2019 D2 double room€657
B 25/04/2019-26/06/2019 S1 solo single room€1056
B 25/04/2019-26/06/2019 S2 party single room€838
B 25/04/2019-26/06/2019 T2 twin room€657
B 25/04/2019-26/06/2019 T3 triple room€524
C 27/06/2019-26/07/2019 D2 double room€673
C 27/06/2019-26/07/2019 S1 solo single room€1088
C 27/06/2019-26/07/2019 S2 party single room€868
C 27/06/2019-26/07/2019 T2 twin room€673
C 27/06/2019-26/07/2019 T3 triple room€537
D 27/07/2019-31/08/2019 D2 double room€685
D 27/07/2019-31/08/2019 S1 solo single room€1105
D 27/07/2019-31/08/2019 S2 party single room€884
D27/07/2019-31/08/2019 T2 twin room€685
D 27/07/2019-31/08/2019 T3 triple room€547
C 01/09/2019-30/09/2019 D2 double room€673
C 01/09/2019-30/09/2019S1 solo single room€1088
C 01/09/2019-30/09/2019 T2 twin room€673
C01/09/2019-30/09/2019 T3 triple room€537
A01/10/2019-31/10/2019 D2 double room€649
A 01/10/2019-31/10/2019 S1 solo single room€1034
A 01/10/2019-31/10/2019 S2 party single room€815
A 01/10/2019-31/10/2019 T2 twin room€649
A01/10/2019-31/10/2019 T3 triple room€509

Included Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

  • 7 nightS accommodation,
  • 7 Breakfasts, 1 dinner
  • Luggage transfers
  • Detailed route notes & Maps
  • 24/7 local support


Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Your Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca Accommodation

Selected 3* hotels are used in larger towns, while in the villages and countryside we use cozy, friendly agriturismo (farms) and inns.
Some of the accommodations chosen have a swimming pool and internal restaurant.
All rooms in the accommodations have en-suite facilities. Throughout the trip, there are plenty of opportunities to taste both the great local food and a wide array of prestigious wines of the region.

Alternative accommodation
During high season, you might sleep in different accommodation to the ones indicated in the description. This means that start or end of the routes can be slightly altered. Therefore, you should check to see if your accommodation is the same as that mentioned in this programme. If not, you must be alert at the start and end of the routes. In choosing alternative accommodation, we have tried to maintain the same standards and quality. We have also tried to stay in the same towns and villages, in order to change routes as little as possible.
Where you rest your head after an active day is hugely important to us. We go to great lengths to find properties that are unique expressions of the region you are travelling through. Think of them as the charming and intimate garnish atop your trip. 

Whether nestled in the heart of a village or lost in the countryside and surrounded by nature, all accommodations are chosen using a strict criteria of comforthospitality, and authentic charm. We like to use locally run independent small hotels, guest houses and B&Bs instead of the larger “chain” hotels.  All of them are hand-picked, visited, and re-visited by our local partners. On most of our holidays you will be staying in different hotels and their  uniqueness and individual character only adds to the enjoyment of your holiday. You will also benifit with knowledge that your trip is contributing to local economies, and supporting local family run businesses.

You will be welcomed in a double or twin room (2 beds) – based on double occupancy.
All of our rooms have private bathrooms.
Individual rooms are possible upon request when you book; they are subject to availability and incur a supplemental fee.
For biking trips, all of our inns have a safe place to keep bicycles for the night

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Via Francigena Pontremoli to Lucca

Flights are not included in the price. Adventure Holidays do not book flights. We will  advise you on best times, dates and airfares to book.

Getting there and away

By Plane

The closest International Airports to get in Pontremoli are: Florence “A. Vespucci” Airports, Pisa “Galileo Galilei” (visit the website, Bologna “G.Marconi” Airiports and Genova Airports, but you can also fly from Milano “Malpensa” or Milano “Linate”

By Train

Check the updated timetables on the website

From any airport, reach the closest railway station, from where you can get to Pontremoli by train. Trains are direct from Pisa, whereas you need to change if travelling from Florence, Bologna, Genova and Milano.

On departure, from Lucca, you can easily get to Pisa and Florence by direct train. Trains to Genova, Bologna and Milano are not direct.

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