Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome: The Etrurian Section of the Via Francigena

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome. If you are doing the previous stage of the Via Francigena that goes from Siena to Acquapendente, you will start this last section in Acquapendente, that was a fundamental part of the journey as it contained a precious reliquary from the Holy Land, now kept in the crypt of the Santo Sepolcro Cathedral. If you only do this last section, you will be starting in Orvieto, the town sitting atop a tufaceous cliff, as it is easier to reach by public transports. Dug into the tuff are fascinating underground passages, some dating to the Etruscan period. Orviet’s Duomo or Cathedral, with its mosaic facade, is one of Italy’s best medieval monuments.

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome. From Acquapendente or Orvieto, pilgrims continued down to the charming lake town of Bolsena, important because of the Corpus Domini miracle happened in 1236, then passes through Montefiascone, a medieval also known for its great wine, to finally arrive in Viterbo. This ancient town was the favourite residence of the Medieval Popes who built a palace next top the Duomo of San Lorenzo. Viterbo was an important rest stop along the Via Francigena for the Medieval pilgrims and is the last large town before making the final trek to Rome.

After Viterbo the Via Francigena led through chestnut woods and we may still make out traces of an old path that passed by the Cistercian Abbey of St Martins in Cimino.

On the Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome the pilgrims would then make their way to Vetralla where a country road led them to the little Church of Santa Maria in Forcassi, mentioned by Sigeric.

After this, the road led to Sutri, Campagnano and then the pilgrims left the Via Cassia for the Via Trionfale that led them to Rome, the Eternal City at last.


Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome Highlights

  • Beautiful towns of Orvieto, Viterbo and Rome
  • Spectacular landscapes, fascinating countryside: the Lake of Bolsena and truff gorges
  • Charming ancient and Etruscan villages and historical sites: necropolis, the Fortress of the Popes
  • Nature Reserves: Regional Park of the age-old city of Sutri and its Roman amphitheatre
  • Small, comfortable, family run accommodations with delicious culinary specialities

Overview: Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome

Holiday TypeSelf guided walking
Duration10 days 9 nights
GradeThe route is quite easy due to low differences in height even if on asphalt roads. Some walks are quite long but can be shortened if requested in advance. The whole itinerary is well marked by the Official signs of the Via Francigena (white red markings and yellow sign with the Pilgrim symbol on it). There are just some points where you need to cross a stream and can be more difficult in case of over flow. You will find more details in the road book
Season01ST March to 31st October

What we do

We put together the trip for you: reserve the hotels, transfer the luggage and organise your transfers to the start of your itineraries. Each tour includes a complete Road book with detailed itineraries, information for visits along the way, a detailed map and total peace of mind with our 24-hour local support.

We work with local operators through-out each destination that are passionate about their regions.

We can tailor make this tour, if you want to add an extra rest day, spend a few days relaxing before or after the trip just let us know and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome Itinerary

Day Itinerary OvernightKm Ascent DecentHrs
1Arrive in OrvietoOrvieto----
2Walk from Orvieto to BolsenaBolsena185055046
3Walk from Bolsena to MontefiasconeMontefiascone186033295
4Walk from Montefiascone to ViterboViterbo181744306
6Walk from Vetralla to Sutri via CapranicaSutri2554694757
7Walk from Sutri toCampagnanoCampagnano2453763997
8Walk from Campagnano to IsolaFarneseIsola Farnese224336047
9Travel with public transport or walk to Rome from Isola FarneseRome223604506

Day 1 – Arrive in Orvieto or Acquapendente  Orvieto or Acquapendente both on BB basis
If you are coming from the previous stage of the Via Francigena that starts in Siena and ends in Acquapendente, then you will start this last section in Acquapendente. Enjoy a local dinner in one of the restaurants in town. If your trip starts today and you only do this last section of the Via Francigena, you will be starting in Orvieto, the beautiful town sitting atop a tufaceous cliff, as it is easier to reach. If you arrive early, enjoy a stroll through this former centre of the Etruscan civilization and visit its impressive Cathedral (Duomo). Enjoy a local dinner and a glass of local great wine in one of the restaurants town.

Day 2 – Walk from Acquapendente OR Orvieto to Bolsena  Bolsena on BB basis
If you start in Acquapendente, you walk across a plain to reach the village of San Lorenzo Nuovo, located on a panoramic position on the edge of the crater that nowadays hosts the lake town of Bolsena. Continue the gradual descent towards the charming lake village of Bolsena. The whole itinerary is well marked by the Official signs of the Via Francigena.
If you are in Orvieto: the route starts from the Cathedral (Duomo) and crosses the whole old town. After a walk along the modern town, you pass through a fascinating countryside with a recently discovered Etruscan necropolis.
Some trails are on secondary asphalted roads and bring you to the side of the ancient crater with an exceptional panoramic view on the whole Bolsena Lake.

Day 3 – Walk from Bolsena to Montefiascone  Montefiascone on BB basis
Today you walk from Bolsena along the crest of the hills surrounding the east part of the lake.
Arrive in Montefiascone, a nice village situated on a prominent position from where you have a great panoramic view of the lake, of the surrounding plain and of the Cimini Mountains.
The Fortress of the Popes in Montefiascone is worthwhile a visit.
Dinner on your own in one of the restaurants in town.

Day 4 – Walk from Montefiascone to Viterbo  Viterbo on BB basis
The route from Montefiascone is along a plain that divides the Bolsena Lake from the Cimini Mountains.
The outline of the hills is sometimes mild and allow wide sights on the whole territory. There are no residential areas along the route, but there are some old drinking fountains. Arrive in Viterbo and take some time to visit the lovely old town. Dinner on your own in one of the restaurants in town.

Day 5 – Walk from Viterbo to Vetralla  Vetralla on HB basis + packet lunch
On the first part of today’s itinerary you will be exploring the Etruscan hollow roads then you will immerse in the typical Etruscan countryside. There are no villages along the way to Vetralla.
Dinner is included at the accommodation tonight.

Day 6 – Walk from Vetralla to Sutri via Capranica  Sutri on HB basis + packet lunch
Today the route is quite long. From Vetralla you walk along the volcano side, which crater was occupied by the Lake Vico in the past. Continue the itinerary across the Etruscan countryside until you reach the tiny village of Capranica. From here you walk down to a tuff gorge by following the stream. The track is very striking but sometimes it could be difficult because of the water flow.
Finally arrive at you accommodation in Sutri where you can enjoy a nice dinner.

Day 7 – Walk from Sutri to Campagnano di Roma  Campagnano on BB basis
The first section of the route moves across fields till Monterosi till you reach the Monte Gelato waterfalls, a park where you can rest and have a bath. Then you walk along a panoramic excavated street leading to Campagnano doors.
To shorten the day’s walk it is possible to pre-arrange a morning transfer to the picturesque village of Monterosi, from where you walk to Campagnano di Roma.

Day 8 – Walk from Campagnano to Isola Farnese  Isola Farnese on BB basis

The day’s excursion is along the Roman countryside.
The itinerary is quite flat with dirt roads or country trails, with just some hill in the final part.
You will need to cross a stream and this could be more difficult just in particular conditions of water flow.
Dinner is on your own tonight.

Day 9 – Walk to Rome or travel with public transports  Rome on BB basis
After breakfast, you set off for the last leg of your modern day ‘pilgrimage’ along the Via Francigena to Rome – the ‘Eternal City’. You can choose to reach Rome by public transportation or walk your way to Rome. Part of the walk to the city is through the Insugherata park, a beautiful natural reserve a few steps away from the bustling city. As you approach the eternal city you can stop for a triumphant photograph at the Monte Mario Belvedere. From here you are able to see a glimpse of the dome of Saint Peter’s, before descending towards the city to finally reach Piazza San Pietro, your ending point and that of many pilgrims throughout the centuries.
You will be immediately fascinated by the magnificent history, monuments and archaeological areas of Rome. Discover the city’s amazing restaurants and traditional cuisine. If you want to maximise your time in Rome it is possible to skip most of today’s walk by taking a local bus and train.

Day 10 – Arrivederci Rome!
The trip and our services end after breakfast unless you have pre-book an extra in night in Rome or other destinations in Italy.

Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome Date & Prices

Season Dates Rooms Price per person
A 01/03/2019-20/03/2019 D2 double room €766
A 01/03/2019-20/03/2019 S1 solo single room €1059
A 01/03/2019-20/03/2019 S2 single room €1028
A 01/03/2019-20/03/2019 T3 triple room €671
B 21/03/2019-17/04/2019 D2 double room €810
B 21/03/2019-17/04/2019 S1 solo single room €1136
B 21/03/2019-17/04/2019 S2 single room €1106
B 21/03/2019-17/04/2019 T3 triple room €708
C 18/04/2019-01/05/2019 D2 double room €822
C 18/04/2019-01/05/2019 S1 solo single room €1152
C 18/04/2019-01/05/2019 S2 single room €1120
C 18/04/2019-01/05/2019 T3 triple room €719
B 02/05/2019-26/08/2019 D2 double room €810
B 02/05/2019-26/08/2019 S1 solo single room €1136
B 02/05/2019-26/08/2019 S2 single room €1106
B 02/05/2019-26/08/2019 T3 triple room €708
C 27/08/2019-14/09/2019 D2 double room €822
C 27/08/2019-14/09/2019 S1 solo single room €1152
C 27/08/2019-14/09/2019 S2 single room €1120
C 27/08/2019-14/09/2019 T3 triple room €719
B 15/09/2019-31/10/2019 D2 double room €810
B 15/09/2019-31/10/2019 S1 solo single room €1136
B 15/09/2019-31/10/2019 S2 single room €1106
B 15/09/2019-31/10/2019 T3 triple room €708

Included: Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome

  • 9 nights accommodation,
  • 9 Breakfasts
  • Luggage transfers
  • Detailed route notes & Maps
  • 24/7 local support


Via Francigena Orvieto to Romea

Your Via Francigena Orvieto to Rome Accommodation

Accommodation and meals
Selected 3* hotels are used in the larger towns, while in the villages and countryside we use cozy, friendly agriturismo (farms) and inns.
All rooms in the accommodations have en-suite facilities.
Throughout the trip, there are plenty of opportunities to taste both the great local food and a wide array of prestigious wines of the region.
On day 5 and 6 (in Vetralla and in Sutri) you have both accommodation. Remember to collet the packet lunch before starting the walk on the mornings of day 6 and 7.

Alternative accommodation
During high season, you might sleep in different accommodation to the ones indicated in the description. This means that start or end of the routes can be slightly altered. Therefore, you should check to see if your accommodation is the same as that mentioned in this programme. If not, you must be alert at the start and end of the routes. In choosing alternative accommodation, we have tried to maintain the same standards and quality. We have also tried to stay in the same towns and villages, in order to change routes as little as possible.

Where you rest your head after an active day is hugely important to us. We go to great lengths to find properties that are unique expressions of the region you are travelling through. Think of them as the charming and intimate garnish atop your trip. 

Whether nestled in the heart of a village or lost in the countryside and surrounded by nature, all accommodations are chosen using a strict criteria of comforthospitality, and authentic charm. We like to use locally run independent small hotels, guest houses and B&Bs instead of the larger “chain” hotels.  All of them are hand-picked, visited, and re-visited by our local partners. On most of our holidays you will be staying in different hotels and their  uniqueness and individual character only adds to the enjoyment of your holiday. You will also benifit with knowledge that your trip is contributing to local economies, and supporting local family run businesses.

You will be welcomed in a double or twin room (2 beds) – based on double occupancy.
All of our rooms have private bathrooms.
Individual rooms are possible upon request when you book; they are subject to availability and incur a supplemental fee.
For biking trips, all of our inns have a safe place to keep bicycles for the night

Flights are not included in the price. Adventure Holidays do not book flights. We will  advise you on best times, dates and airfares to book.

Getting there and away
By airplane
The closest International Airports to Orvieto are the following:
Perugia Sant’Egidio Airport: Perugia train station is reachable by bus with the company called Consorzio ACAP. For information please call +39.075.500.9641 or the free toll number 800.099.661.

Florence Amerigo Vespucci Airport: see for taxis to Florence train station or check the local bus Ataf–VolaInBus website ( if you want to go by public transport.

Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino Airports: to check transfers to and from the city centre, check on the side bar of the website for Fiumicino and for Ciampino

By train
There are several local or national trains going to Orvieto.
From Perugia, you always need to change train in Terontola-Cortona.
The price varies from 7,00 to 13,00 euros one way and can take from 2 to 3 hours depending on the train you take.
From Florence Santa Maria Novella, there are many daily direct trains to Orvieto and the ride is about 2 hours. Price can vary from 14,00 to 20,00 euro depending on the train you take.
From Rome Termini there are many daily direct trains to Orvieto. The ride take 1/ 1.30 hours and the price varies from 8,00 to 16,00 euro depending on the train you take.
For more details and updated prices visit the website or call the numbers + +
By car
Take the A1 Firenze-Roma Motorway, exit at Orvieto.
Alternatives are: the E45 Perugia-Todi State Road and SS448 Todi-Orvieto State Road; or the SS2 Via Cassia Roma/ Viterbo – Siena/ Firenze State Road and SS71 Montefiascone-Orvieto State Road.

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