Introducing Myanmar

Introducing Myanmar

Seeing the real Myanmar with Exotissimo…

Thank you for choosing Adventure Holidays to organise your travel arrangements in the country. This post will give you some more information about the country, the different destinations within Myanmar, useful information for travelers, a listing of the Exotissimo preferred hotels and the reservations and booking procedures.

Known as “The Golden Land” because of her glittering pagodas, Myanmar is a country rich in cultural heritage and natural scenic landscapes with abundant tourist attractions. History enthusiasts can bask in ancient cities and archaeological museums. Nature lovers can discover the lure of Myanmar forests, wildlife sanctuaries and scenic spots. Beach lovers can relax and enjoy the call of the sea at pristine beaches. Adventure seekers can trek and scale of the challenging mountains to meet the hill tribes in their colorful ethnic costumes.

Whatever your interest may be, we assure you that traveling with Exotissimo to explore Myanmar’s hidden treasures will surely be an impressive trip.

Where to go in Myanmar?

That depends how long you’ve got, what you want to see and what you want to do? Hopefully the guide below will help you make those decisions.

If you want to really discover Myanmar, you should set a side a couple of weeks to travel, meet the people and gain an understanding of this beautiful and fascinating country. Our shortest tours are half day excursions and while the longer you’ve got the more you can see. At Exotissimo we pride ourselves on being able to fill everybody’s travel plans with just the right mix. It will be our pleasure to make the suggestion and arrangements to allow you to make the most of your precious leisure time. After all, our team of local and western travel enthusiasts work, live and travel all over the country and we would be happy to share our new discoveries with you.



When to go to Myanmar?

Myanmar has a tropical climate with three distinct seasons: the cool season from November to February which is dry; the hot season from March to May with average temperatures in the 30s and occasionally over 40C; the rainy season from May to the beginning of October with frequent short rainstorms and humidity.  The rains are rarely long enough to disrupt sight-seeing plans.

For those heading to the beaches, the coast has two distinctive seasons: Dry and Rainy.  During the rainy season (April-September), most resorts and restaurants close down entirely and the flight schedule is severely limited.  The dry season is delightful with sunny skies, warm ocean breezes, and temperatures around 30-34 Celsius during the day time.

The following is a guide to the best of the best of Myanmar filled with ideas for travel sightseeing and accommodation with a few insider tips along the way.