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China represents an intersection where past, present and future meet. With one foot deeply rooted in an ancient and storied past, and the other lunging into the future, no other country on earth boasts more dramatic contrasts. From the historical wonders of Xi’an and the Great Wall to the natural wonders of the Rainbow Mountains and the urban delights of Hong Kong, China is a vast and varied nation offering something special for everyone.


Shaped like a rooster, China is the world’s third largest nation. With this vast size comes an equally vast range of landscapes which range from the dry other-worldly wastelands of the Gobi Desert to the tallest mountains on earth in the Himalayas and the legendary lushness of the southern Yunnan Province.

Timeless Wonders

As the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, the `Middle Kingdom’ provides a stirring blend of the ancient and the contemporary. In Beijing, the capital, guests will encounter awe-inspiring sights such as the Forbidden City. Other timeless wonders include the Terra-cotta Army at X’ian and the iconic Great Wall. Elsewhere, the country offers a wealth of cultural and natural treasures that encompass everything from cave paintings to the panoramic landscapes of the Yunnan, Gangsu, and Guangxi provinces.

Customised to suit

Whether it’s visiting ethnic villages in the southwest, hiking the Great Wall of China, exploring Himalayan cultures or strolling on the bund in Shanghai, Adventure Holidays offers deep knowledge and a full range of services for exploring this vast and fascinating country. At the cutting edge of travel planning, our China tours can be fully customised to suit your exact needs. From exclusive culinary courses in Chengdu to private panda-mingling and hiking little-visited areas of the Great Wall, Adventure Holidays pulls out all the stops in China

When To Go on China Tours

China experiences wide variation in weather depending on season and location. To avoid extreme hot or cold, head there during autumn (September through November) or spring (March through May).

Each season does, however, offer incentives to travellers depending on the locale. Ask us for advise on the best time to go for your preferred tour.

Sichuan In-Depth Active Adventure
Sichuan In-Depth Active Adventure
11 Days / 10 Nights


Classical China Tour
Classical China Tour
11 Days