Your adventure starts here…

Adventure Holidays will immerse you in local culture and history. Let us organise your group itinerary. You’ll have plenty of time to absorb the environment, sightsee and relax. And you’ll have the authentic, personal travel experiences that every serious traveller craves.

We handle all the travel arrangements. Flight advice, transfers, guides, 24/7 local support, hauling luggage, hotel bookings and extensions – leave it all to us. We are at the airport to check your group in, we meet you in the destination and guide you to the transfer bus, we’ll be there every step of the way. Don’t sweat the small stuff, ‘that’s what we’re here for’.

Walking Clubs & Groups

Reserve any available date for your Walking Club or Walking Group

It’s your trip, with your walking club or walking group, on your schedule. Make your trip private by reserving any available date for you and your group. You’ll enjoy the same support thought out the process and on your journey. The more people are travelling, the more savings. Enjoy a free place with 18 or more guests.

Charity Challenges

Looking for new ways to diversify your fundraising?

Since 2012, Adventure Holidays’ charity challenges have helped raise money for incredible causes, just like yours. An adventure / active challenge is a great way to raise substantial funds and transform donors into lifelong supporters and advocates for your organisation.